Note to Reader from Spirit

Editor's Note: Several interesting topics arose during this collaboration between disincarnate beings and humans. One is the limitations of language for describing the fullness of any being—human or spirit. Another is the limitations of language in bringing out all the subtleties and complex layers of meaning related to concepts that are beyond our human experience. The individual descriptions provided by each entity can be found on Entity Self Descriptions.

Just as your own name and recounting of facts about your life experiences cannot contain or transmit the fullness of who you are, neither can the descriptions below transmit the fullness of each entity. The "you" that has incarnated in this particular body is multilayered: not only does your soul carry the wisdom and knowledge from experiences in many lifetimes, it also has an energetic/vibrational “name” or signature that is unique to your soul essence and beyond quantification. Human language is incapable of describing and transmitting the fullness of who you are as a spark of the Divine.

As you read the descriptions below, it may be helpful to keep this information in mind. Each entity has offered some aspects/characteristics of their beingness for your consideration—aspects they think may be helpful in understanding some of the work they have come to do in this collaboration with humans at this time, as well as key aspects or characteristics that they express into the Creation.

In our discussions we also considered qualities of energy, frequency, and resonance, which also are intangible aspects of words, concepts, and objects. Although the words on this page are limited in themselves to conveying ideas and information, a resonance imbued in each word/concept can be accessed intuitively. Thus, while the language is limited, with intention, invitation, and attunement you can open into deeper levels of intuitive understanding that goes beyond the words in the descriptions below.

As the entities shared their descriptions, it was important to them that it be understood that there is no "hierarchy" in the spirit realms. However, each entity may express differently, or align with certain spiritual archetypes and soul resonance groups in their purposes and work within the Creation.

We all come from Source—the Unconditioned, All That Is, God/Goddess, The Divine Creator—that which is essentially beyond any description. Pouring out of the Divine was Love because the Divine is Love. In that fullness of Love is contained the potential, the seeds, of all possibility. As Love expresses and is imbued with Light, the Creation explodes into being in all its various and exquisite manifestations. Each of us is an expression of Love and Light—which are not separate from each other. Yet each of us expresses into the creation in our unique ways.

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