Words from the Deep Spring

Unburdened By Duties

Aaron: Let me give you a metaphor. You live in a city […]

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Video | Easter Sunday | March 31, 2024

A spirit discussion with Aaron, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua channeled by Barbara […]

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You Can Never Do It All

Aaron: Good evening and my love to you all. Those who are here tonight for the first time, I would ask you to put aside the question, “Am I real?” If what I say is of use to you, please take it home and make use of it. If it’s not of use to you, discard it. The thoughts come from somewhere. In that sense they are real thoughts. Don’t worry about the source.

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It’s time to revive in-person retreats

Deep Spring Center has not offered an in-person retreat in five years! […]

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Live stream via Zoom retreat spring 2024

Deep Spring Center has offered many live stream retreats since the Covid 19 pandemic and it
has opened our community to the world.

Our dharma teachers with decades of experience, Barbara Brodsky, Aaron and John Orr have
worked for years creating online retreat communities.

This retreat will be held online from Friday June 7 to Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

Living Our True Nature as Love:
Vipassana, Pure Awareness and Practices of the Heart

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