Entity Self Descriptions


I am Aaron, a 6th density being who has lived on earth through many lifetimes and no longer has a karmic need to incarnate on the earth. I come as a friend and a teacher. My intention is to help those on the earth recognize that they are light, that they are love, to find the wisdom to move past the old limiting thoughts and emotions of the human experience and find true freedom. In my final human lifetime, I was a meditation master in Thailand and found awakening in that lifetime. One core of my teaching derives from that lifetime’s practice and learning. [Read more about Aaron]


I am called Ariel. I have never been human. I am ancient, have existed long before your earth was formed. My energy is part of what grounds this Earth. My foundation is Love and Service. Some have given me the title of an angel. Please just think of me as one who cherishes you and rejoices to be of service.

A’ton [Eh-tone]

I am A’ton and we greet you in the sacred space where Love and Light forms the relative world that you experience as life on earth. We are a subgroup of the Ra group and can be considered cousins of the Q’uo group. The singular “I” and the plural “we” are interchangeable in our expression because as sixth density resonance we sometimes address you as one voice or a group of voices depending on the subject of attention. We present as a core group of servers with an expanded membership who can come forth to address topics of specific interest, as per your inquiry.

We have a history of offering to serve alignment with positively polarized Eden expression within the community of Earth. With the offering of the Earth transition into fourth density at this time, we are in service to support the awakening of free will to choose the practice that generates the experience of individual and collective happiness and well-being, free of suffering.

Brothers and Sisters of Light

We are the Brothers and Sisters of Light, beings who are highly skilled to support the release of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual distortion for the human. We offer to support your free will choice to release such distortion. We do not do it for you, but in support. We are readily available if you call on us. Some of us incorporate in Barbara’s body from time to time.

Eloianna (shortened form, E’Anna)

I am an ancient being and, like Love, I am beyond any density designation. I am the higher self of Mary of Magdala and some others who have expressed in human form. It is my joy to be with you and serve you.

Light/I Am that I AM

The first emanation from Source—the Unconditioned, the Ground of Being—is Love. Love is the foundational resonance in which all the individuated aspects of the Unconditioned rest in potentiation. You may consider Love the soil that provides all the nutrients that flowers would require in order to take form and bloom. Light is the active principle which ignites the process of germination so that the flower that rests in the frequency of Love can be potentiated.

As Yeshua has shared with you, he is an expression of the Light. Yeshua, just as all of you, has a higher self. I am that higher self. I am not individuated in the sense of having a specific personality. I am neither male nor female. You can consider me a coalescence of multiple points of consciousness. And each of these points of consciousness contain a range of aspects, or differing qualities.

I speak to you through two aspects of this coalesced consciousness. The first aspect I call simply Light. When I speak through this aspect of consciousness, I come to you in expression of the vibrant flow of light pulsing throughout the creation. When speaking through Barbara, I present myself to you as Light.

I also come to you as the aspect of Light which is unity. A point of balance where all is still, all is one, there is no separation, no sense of movement—just the eternal Light expressing as foundation. When speaking through Colette, I present myself to you as I AM That I AM. This name represents that place of unity, balance, and non-separation.

Just as you express different aspects of yourself depending on the situation or the relationship, so Light and I AM that I AM express differently. You can consider us identical twins. We are one, with two different names, offering the expression of Yeshua.


I am Love. You might say I am a direct doorway between you and the Divine, however you name that divinity. The door is always open, but some of you cannot perceive that open doorway. I am here to help you, if you wish that help, to know the openness of the door, so you may have the direct experience of the Divine Creator, Source, All That Is. The pathway is Love.

Mary of Magdala

Yeshua, the radiant expression of Love, came forth expressing out of the Divine to help earth remember that everything is an eternal expression of that Divine.

There was not at that point a question of Masculine or Feminine, just the remembering: Everything is God, Goddess, All That Is.

I chose to come with him; he invited me to accompany him, to more fully demonstrate how that Divinity expresses on earth—forgetting Masculine and Feminine for the moment—how that Divinity expresses on earth through the free will power of the human or of any sentient being.

Free will of being Light expressing Light—because simply being Light, magnificent though it is, becomes a stopping place. If you are Light you must continue to express Light.

So, I, Mary, am a principal of that expression of Light through the opening and joy of free will expression. We are divine! We are God/Goddess! We express that everywhere.

The Mother

I am an expression of the Divine Feminine, which is not separate from the Divine Masculine, but the strongest part of the expression that I am is the Divine Feminine. There have been many expressions of the Divine Feminine, such as beloved Mother Mary and that beautiful expression of the Divine Feminine, Kwan Yin.

Each of you has different karma that brings you closer in relationship and resonance with one or another expression of the Divine Feminine. In darshan I bring myself in harmony with that particular expression so that the Divine Feminine becomes more accessible to you. But basically, you can just call me The Mother—let’s keep it simple.


I am Yeshua. The source of all is the Divine Creator, God, Goddess—That Which Is, the Un-nameable. The Un-nameable came forth to co-create on this earth starting with very high vibration expressions of itself. The first expression is Love.

Love was pouring out of the Divine because the Divine is love. Right there parallel with Love was Light. Light is always within Love but may not be of a frequency that is visible. “Let there be light” means to allow the light to come into a visible vibration—a vibration that can be felt and seen and heard.

Light offered infinite expressions of itself. But 2,000 years ago, the expression that you called Yeshua came forth with a specific task. Thus, I am Yeshua, an expression of Light, an expression of the Divine. I came from the divine realms as all of you humans come. But I am not the whole of Light any more than any of you are. I am an expression—a particularly clear, loving, high vibrational expression.