Introduction to Deep Spring Center

Deep Spring Center (DSC), based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to disseminate the teachings of Barbara Brodsky, a channel for the discarnate entity Aaron. DSC supports individuals from around the world who are learning to live with a greater sense of their life’s purpose and meaning, and with greater compassion for self and others.

Practices fundamental to the work of Deep Spring Center include Insight Meditation (known traditionally as Vipassana, or clear seeing) and spiritual inquiry. Taken together, these two practices help us slow down and be more mindful of how we behave in the world.

To help us live with greater clarity, skill, and compassion, Deep Spring Center offers classes, workshops, and retreats. With almost everything available online via the Internet using interpersonal web communication applications, people around the world can benefit from our work. The website provides a library of archived material, books, and mini-courses; links to audio and video material; and postings for upcoming events. Our blog focuses on the latest teachings for living more fulfilling and compassionate lives today.


  • To offer non-denominational spiritual teachings on non-duality

  • To teach and support the deepening of awareness of non-duality and related topics through the practice of meditation

  • To sponsor discussion groups, classes, retreats, and workshops that support spiritual growth and further the teachings

  • To publish and distribute materials concerning these teachings

  • To foster a community of individuals interested in and practicing these teachings

  • To expand and re-define our specific teachings, always with a spiritual focus, in the direction the teachings themselves lead


Deep Spring Center Vision

To co-create with all sentient beings a loving world awakened to higher consciousness, while taking comfort that this is already so.

Deep Spring Center Mission

Guided by wisdom teachings from multiple traditions during courses, retreats, and private sessions, our loving community commits to spiritual practices of living with increasing wisdom, compassion, and an open heart.

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