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Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry

Deep Spring Center focuses on how we can live with more wisdom and compassion, with lovingkindness and non-harm to all beings. Our primary work includes meditation and spiritual inquiry. Spiritual inquiry entails questions related to our deepest purposes here on earth: Who are we? Are we merely body and mind or is there a deeper, universal essence to our being? Why are we incarnate, and to what use may we put this incarnate experience? Life offers us some painful experiences. How can we relate to these as “teachers” rather than opponents and respond with increasing wisdom, compassion, and love?

Fundamental to our spiritual inquiry is the practice of meditation. While the core of the meditation practices we teach derive from Buddhist tradition, no ritual is included and no particular religious beliefs are necessary to their practice. Deep Spring Center is, at heart, a community of individuals who are asking questions about how we can live with greater clarity and love.


Daily Reflections 

“I am happy to share the Dhamma with anybody with a sincere interest to live their lives more fully grounded in the Dhamma.”


Welcome to Deep Spring Center

Welcome to Deep Spring Center! We are excited you have found your way here and hope you will take some time to get to know us. The wealth of material that has come out of Deep Spring Center over the past 30 years is impressive and timeless.

We invite you to read (or listen to) the words of our founder and guiding teacher Barbara Brodsky to learn how she met her guide, Aaron, and how Deep Spring Center came about.

Awakening and Living Awake – Grounding the Earth in Unconditional Love

Awakening 2022-23 DSC program-edited

The Eden Project is a comprehensive program created by Aaron as a path to awakening in higher consciousness. There are four parts and two workshops within The Eden Project:

Upcoming Programs

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Deep Spring Center Vision

To co-create with all sentient beings a loving world awakened to higher consciousness, while taking comfort that this is already so.

Deep Spring Center Mission

Guided by wisdom teachings from multiple traditions during courses, retreats, and private sessions, our loving community commits to spiritual practices of living with increasing wisdom, compassion, and an open heart.

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