Aaron and Other Entities

Aaron Introduction

My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. I am Barbara’s guide in this lifetime and am delighted and honored to serve as a teacher to many of you. Some introductory words about me appear in the introductions below.

When our Center began in 1989, we named it Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry. Both parts of the name are essential to what we offer. The spiritual inquiry in those early days was through me, as Barbara learned to serve as a conscious channel for me to convey my thoughts. After a few years and much training, Barbara learned to release her consciousness from her body so I could incorporate in her body and speak directly. This is called trance channeling.

Once she had mastered this process and become skilled at it, it isn’t surprising that others asked if they could use her body. The first to ask was Yeshua, with whom Barbara has had a long and close spiritual friendship. Then The Mother asked and both Yeshua and I felt the energy was deeply grounded in love. Barbara and Deep Spring Center began to offer the Remembering Wholeness program, with The Mother offering darshan. Father John came forth soon after, offering healing guidance. Father Kindness, Love and others followed, with the latest being Mary of Magdala.

Barbara has always asked Yeshua and me to join her as “guardians of the gate,” so to speak, to be sure any entity that wished to incorporate was of high positive polarity. Below you will find brief descriptions of some of the entities that speak through Barbara.

A few other people are also now channeling at Deep Spring Center. It provides a very rich dialogue, just as we accomplished through the “Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues.” When appropriate, some information on these entities will be added to this site as well.

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