October, 2, 2018 #3 – part 3

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October 2, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class, Part 3

There was a song, I think in the ’60’s:

Be not too hard for life is short
And nothing is given to man.
Be not too hard when he is sold or bought,
For he must manage as best he can.

(Joan Baez, Be Not Too Hard)


In what way am I being too hard? In what way am I being too slack? What has this situation come to teach me, to bring me into better balance? When you relate to these situations in this way, it changes everything, because instead of seeing it as something bad that’s happening out there that must be fixed, you begin to relate to it as teacher. To say thank you, even while you do the work. For example, supporting the candidates of your choice, that you feel can more fully help manifest your deepest truth into this country at this time. How do I come into balance, here?

When you practice in this way, whether it’s— as John pointed out— the other person whose op positionality seems to create too much contraction— pushing, afraid I’ll be taken advantage of personally or nationally— how do I open my heart and still find this heart of compassion that can say no? And they come together— the heart must be open for the compassionate heart to say no. And this, my dear ones, is so much what you have come into the incarnation to learn and to teach. To practice here among your friends and neighbors; among those who are of a different viewpoint; amongst those across the world who are of a different viewpoint. How can there be peace as long as the judging mind keeps slamming itself at the self and at others?

I hope those thoughts bring some help.

Q: Is it possible to share some different information from those of us who watched in detail the defense? The attitudes towards others… I feel if I understand what Aaron is saying, I feel that he has not been privy to what many of us have been privy to, in terms of the candidate questions, attitude, misrepresentation of truth and fact, presenting from Trump’s playbook, conspiracy theories, and all of that; plus what people with knowledge have expressed for all of us to read or hear.

Aaron: Q, I’m getting your words but not clear on the question. This candidate either did or did not seriously abuse a woman. He either or did or did not lie about it.

Q: I am not talking about 36 years ago. I am talking about what the candidate has shown us about how he thinks of us who are not Republicans, in the last 2 weeks. That is what I am talking about.

Aaron: Disrespect…

Q: Very much— lying…

Aaron: Yes, there is the issue of being disrespected.

Q: No, him disrespecting us and others who do not think like him. Threatening us, that what goes around, comes around…

Aaron: Yes— but I still don’t understand what you’re asking me to speak about.

Q: Are you saying we should look at this candidate as someone we need to learn something from, when we are giving him…

Aaron: … And to say no at the same time! They’re not mutually exclusive. We always are learning from each other, and we always must say no to that which seems unwholesome.

Q: Very much so. This is not a person for the Supreme Court. He will…

Aaron: Absolutely. I agree with you in my perspective, but I am not the one who chooses! I can understand why it creates fear and anger and irritation, contraction, for many. And yet, there is still something to be learned. That doesn’t mean he should be on the Supreme Court so we can learn from having him on the Supreme Court. But, the initial question was what to do about the agitation.

Q: I have been working with understanding about sending love and light, but not getting caught in negativity. But it is so clear what is being— I don’t even know how to say it…

Aaron: There are many ramifications of this. We could talk about how we manifest, and how we manifest from a place of spaciousness and love, that fear and contraction can never manifest that which is wholesome. We could also talk about the whole situation in this country and in the world, of power, whoever is in power in any part of the world, abusing that part of its self that is not in power, and how we say no to that, individually and as a world.

We can never say no with hatred, we can never say no with fear, or we simply inspire more fear and hatred. So, the ongoing question is how each comes to a place in the middle of the bridge, able to see what’s happening on the nirmanakaya side— the fear, the hatred, the abuse, the negativity, the desire for wealth and power, turning one’s back on human suffering— and how one can address that from a place of the open heart. Saying no, clearly, “No, you may not do this.” But bringing up that no from such a deep place of love that you are able to manifest that which is truly for the highest good— all of you, billions of you, together inviting a world that is truly grounded in love. This is possible, and this is much what many of you have come into the incarnation to manifest, to demonstrate. That it IS possible to have a world grounded in love. One small step at a time. This situation is not a little but a big step. It’s a vital step, because if this man is made a Supreme Court justice, it’s going to influence what happens for a generation. But hatred is never going to change this. All of you have the power to visualize what is for the highest good of all beings, and with love, and to invite that. Not saying yes to this man, not saying yes to the others in power, not saying yes to the party in power. “Sure, bring it on! It’s a teacher; bring it on!” —“Enough, it’s time to stop this before greater harm comes. I hold this in my heart, that we, together, have the loving power to say no to that which is deeply unwholesome.”

Q: So, you are not saying that we have to accept him?

Aaron: Of course, I’m not. I’m saying, don’t hate him; greet him as a teacher, and say no to him.

Q: I do not hate him.

Aaron: Some people do..

Q: I do not. (Aaron: Good; some people do.) You have taught me too much to have me going around hating anyone. I will let no man bring me down so low…

Aaron: Some people hate him. Some people hate the party that’s supporting him. Some people hate the president, who has initiated the whole thing. And hatred will never resolve hatred, period.

Q: I will let no man drag me down so low as to make me hate him.

Aaron: Wonderful! Not hating him, but not contracting. Saying no, free of contraction. What does that feel like, to say no from a place that truly can envision what not only this country but this whole world can be, as a place where all beings may thrive, be happy, have peace? We hold and share that vision.

But, you also must consider what karma has put us in the place where this man is being presented. He’s a figurehead, in a sense— it’s not about him; it’s about the dualities of political parties and views. Instead of people trying to hear each other and support compromise and listen, there’s just conflict. What karma from all of us have created this situation? What needs to be addressed here, to help resolve that karma? Certainly, it’s not accepting him, or the party, or any of it. But what is— a different word from acceptance; let’s see… just spaciousness, that has the ability to say no. The ways that we say no.

I’m thinking of Barbara, here, in the early 1960s on Freedom Rides. She did not accept segregation. She did not hate those who grew up with segregation and the belief that it was right. She just said no, in whatever ways seemed appropriate to her. But she understood back then that she must say no from a place of spaciousness and compassion that did not judge others for being stuck where they were stuck. But also not permitting them to perpetuate their stuckness. It’s really a similar situation.

It’s 9:15— we’re over our time. It’s time to stop. Good grounds for thinking!

I’ll show you Barbara’s absentee ballot envelope… Whatever your position, get out there and vote!

My blessings and love to you all! And thank you for sharing yourselves with me. I look forward to seeing many of you in a few days. I’ll release the body to Barbara…

I love you all very much, here and out there…

Barbara: Thank you, Aaron. Can we spin the camera around so that people online can see those in the room? …

Good night, and I’ll see many of you on Monday, or Sunday night…



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