Words from the Deep Spring

Barbara’s letter to Deep Spring Center

Dear friends, I have several maple trees in my yard. The three youngest, not really young, are almost 50 years old. Forty-five years ago, our 5-year-old son saw small seedlings growing in my garden. I was pulling them out to discard them. He asked permission to plant some in the yard. Now these 3 trees are 40 to 65 or more feet tall.

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Overcoming Habit Energy

Aaron: You came into the incarnation to learn, so everything is a teacher. If you are caught in a habitual pattern that’s repeated over and over through this and even many lifetimes, then there’s no way to learn. You’re just repeating the same path over and over and over again. 

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An Exhilarating Chant: Shiva Shambho

This Sanskrit language chant was recorded at the Oakwood Retreat Center, in Selma, Indiana on October 7, 2019. Featuring John Orr leading the sangha on the harmonium.

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The Only Way Out is Through

Aaron: Imagine yourselves new at high diving. You’ve climbed up on the diving board. You walk to the end of the board and look down into the pool. You’ve done it a few times so you know, “I can do this.” Deep breath; you feel prepared. You walk back from the end of the board, turn around at the inward end, take another deep breath, and then one step, two steps, three steps, and you spring onto that end of the board. And just then, looking down, you see a cluster of people, right there below you. 

You’re shaking, wobbling on the end of the board. There’s no stopping it. Can you feel that sense of no control? Can you feel it?

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An Enlivening Chant: All I Ask of You

This Arabic and English language chant was recorded at the Oakwood Retreat Center, in Selma, Indiana in October 2019. Featuring John Orr playing the harmonium and leading the sangha.

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