Words from the Deep Spring

Yeshua on Answering the Call of Love at the Time of Earth Transition

Yeshua: My beloved brothers and sisters, I am Yeshua.

Why did I come? Because Love asked! It really is as simple as that. I suppose you could ask, how did I know that he asked? If the one you loved above all else, the most beloved one, said, “Please, will you do this?” you would not think about, “Will it work out? What will the consequences be?” You would say, “Yes.” And there would be no question of hearing the Beloved. The heart hears.

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A Nurturing Chant: Seems Like Such a Long Time

This English language chant was recorded during the Emerald Isle Virtual Retreat, on April 22, 2020. Featuring John Orr (published with permission) leading the sangha in song.

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The World is Too Much With Us: What Helps Us to Keep a High Vibration

Aaron: What helps you to keep a high vibration? Joy. Gratitude. And of course, the basics of eating wisely, drinking enough—and by that I don’t mean the booze, I mean the water, the tea, the chocolate milk; whatever suits you. A glass of wine, if it helps—that’s fine. Eating well, sleeping well. And sharing togetherness like this, even in your social isolation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn that you can be physically alone and stay connected.

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A Motivating Chant: Sri Ram, Jai Ram

This Sanskrit chant was recorded at the Oakwood Retreat Center, in Selma, Indiana on October 7, 2019. Featuring John Orr (published with permission) leading the sangha in song.

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A Path Out of Suffering: The Other Noble Truths

Aaron: The Second Noble Truth says the cause of suffering is our grasping—grasping for things to stay as they are, not to change. This is impossible; because in this world of conditions, as conditions change the results of those conditions will change.

Can any of you remember being young children and being so excited about each birthday, wanting to get older? “I want to be 9!” “I want to be 12!” “I want to be 18!”

Anybody here who can’t wait to be 92? Anybody here who can’t wait to be 80 or 70? Maybe it would be a delightful celebration for your birthday; maybe not. But being that age, wanting the body to age, to get older, none of you really want that.

But you can’t stop it; the body will age.

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