Words from the Deep Spring

The World is Too Much With Us: What Helps Us to Keep a High Vibration

Life is Good

Excerpted from Dharma Path, March 24, 2020 (not yet published).

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Aaron: What helps you to keep a high vibration? Joy. Gratitude. And of course, the basics of eating wisely, drinking enough—and by that I don’t mean the booze, I mean the water, the tea, the chocolate milk; whatever suits you. A glass of wine, if it helps—that’s fine. Eating well, sleeping well. And sharing togetherness like this, even in your social isolation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn that you can be physically alone and stay connected.

Therefore, hard though it may be, you may be able to say, “Thank you for this learning opportunity.” Not, “What did you come to teach me?”—that is a little off. “What am I offered the opportunity to learn?” Can you feel the difference? “What am I offered the opportunity to learn?” To learn your interconnection. To learn how powerful you are. To remember joy and gratitude, even in difficult situations.

People who have been in terrible situations like concentration camps have shared that one of the things that kept them alive was comradeship, and especially, music. Sing. I didn’t get to read the whole email, but somebody posted a list of different chanting that you can do at home. Even better, call up a few friends on Skype or whatever format and sing together. Two or three of you just sing together. Go out in your yard and sing to the trees and the birds.

You might begin to ask yourself, in this moment, what am I grateful for? Gratitude is a wonderful tool for opening the energy, for reconnecting you with love and joy. What are you grateful for?

Judging by all of you on the screen, I would guess that none of you are sick. We are grateful for that.

Is there anybody here who is sick, I mean with the virus? Anybody sick? Okay, wonderful. Here we have a group of almost 40 people, and no one has contracted this virus. You’re healthy. “Thank you for my good health.”

Is there anybody here who does not have food in their house for tomorrow? Anybody? “Thank you for the abundance that I have.”

Is there anybody here who does not have heat in their home, or for those in the south, cooling? “Thank you for a comfortable living condition.”

Anybody who has any truly vital unmet need? And I’m asking this in part, because if this is so, we’d like to know about it and see how we can help. Anybody with a vital unmet need? “Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me and all of my loving sangha. Thank you.”

Can you feel that? Put your hands together. Feel the energy in your hands together. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Can you feel how that opens your energy field? “Thank you.”

The experience of joy. What do I have to be thankful for, grateful for, today? And what brings me joy? It could be as simple as you have a glass of your favorite cognac to sip later, or a bar of chocolate. Your cat to climb up on your lap, or your dog to snuggle with. A bird to sit on your shoulder and whistle. Joy! Truly, life is good.