Helpful Hints for Using Zoom

Getting your link:

Registered users will receive a Zoom event link via email.

Log in early:

If you are new to this system and think you may need time to make sure everything is working, please enter early (within the 30 minutes before meditation begins).

As you log into Zoom, a menu appears for you to check the Sound: Test Computer Mic & Speaker before you complete the login process. 

After logging in:

Once you have logged in, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen with several icons for making adjustments. You may need to move your cursor over the area to make the icons visible.

  • Mute: far left. Please mute yourself until you speak so that there is no background noise. (To unmute, you must be in Gallery View. See below.)
  • Video: far left. Toggle to turn video on and off.
  • Chat: Click it and a window will open. You can send a message to the entire group or privately to any one individual.
  • Gallery and Active Speaker view: In the upper right corner, you can choose either Gallery View (see everyone) or Speaker View (with everyone else in thumbnails). If you would like to leave the Zoom room before the meeting officially ends, click ‘Leave the Room’ in the bottom right corner. Then click the next box that appears and you will be logged out.
  • The ‘Leave the Room’ command is in the bottom right corner.  Click it, and then click on the next box that comes up.  Then you are out.

If a glitch occurs and you are closed out of Zoom during the session, just return to the link in your email and rejoin.

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