“As I go through the Aaron material, I am struck by its sophistication and its lightness, it’s clarity and its beauty.” – Ram Dass

Barbara Brodsky is a dharma teacher who leads meditation retreats and spiritual inquiry workshops worldwide. She is also the channel for the spirit, Aaron, and, with him, has offered personal spiritual direction sessions, classes, meditation retreats and group workshops since 1989.

In his final human lifetime in the 1500s, Aaron tells us he was a Buddhist meditation master in Thailand and found liberation in that lifetime. However, he emphasizes that he is not Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or any other, though he has participated in all of these traditions. He speaks from the spirit core of his being, from Pure Awareness. Ten books of Aaron’s teachings have been published.

One summer morning in 2000 Aaron said to Barbara, “Let us write a new book,” and proceeded to dictate “Human,” offering one page a day through the summer. It is almost untouched from that original dictation. Each day he picked up at the next word, wherever he had left off, sometimes mid-sentence.

“Human” touches the non-dual heart of Aaron’s teachings. It has been the most beloved of Aaron’s books, but only available in a spiral bound format. We’re delighted to offer this beautiful and accessible new edition. Michael Forster Rothbart’s powerful photographs enrich the presentation.

This book is available on

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