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Live stream via Zoom retreat spring 2024

Dharrma Path 3 FINAL

Deep Spring Center has offered many live stream retreats since the Covid 19 pandemic and it
has opened our community to the world.

Our dharma teachers with decades of experience, Barbara Brodsky, Aaron and John Orr have
worked for years creating online retreat communities.

This retreat will be held online from Friday June 7 to Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

Living Our True Nature as Love:
Vipassana, Pure Awareness and Practices of the Heart

We are the Light we seek; together, let us move toward that vital realization as we seek to restore and deepen harmony and joy in ourselves and the world. A focused meditation retreat helps us to connect with our inner light and to share that light with others.

We will be drawing together and deepening our practice of Vipassana, Pure Awareness and the opening of our hearts. There will be separate, clear sitting and walking instructions for participants of all levels of experience, dharma talks and small group meetings to discuss your practice.

We understand some people may have commitments that prevent full live-zoom participation. Participants will receive daily recordings of talks. You can listen to talks on your own time. Of course, the more you are able to directly participate, the deeper  the retreat will be for you; however this is also an opportunity to learn to be more centered and practice dharma in the midst of daily life.

We look forward to this time together.


For more information and registration to attend this retreat.
What is Nobile Silence at an Online Retreat.

Barbara Brodsky is the founder and guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry. She is a trance channel for Aaron.

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