Words from the Deep Spring

The Choice is Up to You — Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Excerpted from Evenings with Aaron, April 15, 2020 (not yet published).

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Love: I am Love; you are Love. You are finally lifting yourself out of the small place into which you have confined yourself for so many—I don’t have a number—for seeming eternity. You are ready to break through to true self-knowledge, because you are learning that just because you have a negative thought does not mean you must enact that thought. Therefore, you can reclaim that DNA which allows you to truly be who and what you are.

We are part of each other. Don’t think of me as God/Goddess/Creator; you also are God. You are Divine. You are so radiant.

Between us we have a contract: to do no harm to any sentient being in any way; to do only good for all beings everywhere; to bring forth a universe that is truly of Light and Love. It will not be immediate, but right now—as Earth transitions into a higher vibration—this is a major steppingstone.

You have all agreed to participate either by helping to bring forth this vibration or to participate by holding it down with fear, and in this way, revealing the choice to others. The choice is up to you.

I am Love, and I hope you will join me, but you have free will. Know that if you are not ready to join me now, you will have other opportunities. But I hope you can find it in your heart to bring forth the essence of Love that you are now.

Aaron: Can you take in our offerings and say yes to the challenge we’ve been giving you?

There is a Buddhist sutra that contains the line, “If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it.”

The sutra includes, “Abandon the unwholesome.” You can abandon the unwholesome, including the enactment of fear and doubt. “If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it.”

“Cultivate the wholesome.” You can cultivate the wholesome. You are doing it. This cultivating the wholesome is what makes all the difference.

“If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it.” Touching first your Earth, and then moving out from there into the universe, out into the galaxy, touching many universes—this principle of love moving out eternally, this truly is the end of suffering.

On one level, the ego self may say, “No, I’m not really happy to be along for this ride. It’s hard!”

But I think your heart might say, “Yes, I’m ready for this.”

Together with hundreds of thousands of others throughout the world, you are coming to understand the meaning of, “I am Love. I am Light.” And, “I can do this.”

Together you will do it.

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