April 7 – #7

April 7, 2020 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class
Raising Vibration and Consciousness to Say No to the Virus and Heal Ourselves and the Earth; Sacred Darkness and Resting on the Bridge of Sambhogakaya
Year 2; Session 2; Class 7

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Thank you for being with us tonight. Welcome also to those who are not part of Dharma Path class.

You are facing an immense challenge in your world; in some ways, one of the biggest challenges worldwide that Earth has ever known. The challenge of Covid-19 is joined with environmental challenges. One challenge is simply to sustain yourselves. Most of you don’t have farmyards in your backyard, a place to grow food. Many of you don’t have an income. So many questions. Will I live? Will my loved ones live? Will we be safe? How will we live? How will the Earth’s population survive this? How will the earth survive this?  I’m happy to say that, with the slowing down of so much of the pollution, Earth is doing very well.

Earth has the ability to heal. The Earth, left alone, will renew itself. If you have a situation—I’m thinking of studies that have been done—for example, in tidal pools where certain—I’m trying to remember what I have learned about such studies. I believe the starfish in the tidal pools were the primary predator. As soon as the starfish were removed, the other small creatures began to eat all the plant life because there were no predators, and the tidal pool became barren. Then the other small creatures could not survive.

The same phenomenon has been seen in places like Yellowstone Park, where they did a study of wolves. Yellowstone Park vegetation was dying out in many areas because it was so overgrazed. Then the grazers could no longer survive. The natural predator, the wolf, had died out or been removed from the park. When they reintroduced the wolves, they kept the deer and elk in control, limited to what was appropriate for the area, and the vegetation came back.

Man has been overgrazing, if I might phrase it in that way, and destroying the Earth. Certainly, we do not welcome this virus and the fact that it will kill people. And yet, please recognize that Covid-19 is the dominant predator of the moment. I hope it will not have to kill millions of people, for people to wake up and remember: we are co-creating with our Earth, and we have been destroying the Earth. We are co-creating with other nations on the Earth, and we are destroying each other. Can mankind learn to dwell peacefully with all the various species of the Earth without needing to be killed by an external predator, a virus?

This is an important piece of learning for you. So many of you are increasing your level of consciousness and able to relate much better to all of the world as ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ and ‘them’.

This virus is a sentient being, but it is not an intelligent being, in terms of something that create plans and hold intentions. Rather, it is simply an advantageous parasite. Everything in the conditioned realm arises from conditions and passes when the conditions cease. You, as humans, the most intelligent race on the planet, are the primary ones setting the conditions. Of course, vegetation has a part in it, animal life has a part in it. But you are the primary intelligent species setting intentions. As long as those intentions are “what’s good for me and”—excuse my language—“to hell with everything else,” you’re going to keep destroying your world.

The important thing to remember here is that at some level this virus, which is advantageous, is taking advantage of the conditions you have created. In destroying the Earth, humans have created a much lower vibration on the Earth, destroyed bodies of water, destroyed rainforests, created melting ice caps and global warming.

We see in nature that when an animal becomes sick, it falls prey to that which would live on it—to predators. A sick animal in nature will quickly be brought down by other predatory animals. When vegetation is unhealthy, other species will move in and take over. Humans are co-creating the situation, have been for many years until it came to a head here, creating the situation where this virus, which has been around for a long, long time, but unable to take advantage on a healthy Earth, where it now can flourish, living on humans who have become to some degree prey, of lower vibration.

Everything in the conditioned realm arises from conditions and ceases when the conditions cease.

You as a species—and especially those of you who, like the group online tonight and others of you around the world, people who are increasingly conscious—have the opportunity to make a difference. Your increasingly high vibration and consciousness is the clearest way to say no to this virus. Medical experts are telling you they don’t have any vaccines against it. Maybe what’s needed is not a vaccine but a higher vibration of consciousness in which this virus cannot thrive; it’s simply too high a vibration for it.

This is something that all of you can do, something you can do for yourselves and for the world. You, not necessarily you personally, but you as a human race have reduced yourself to the level of prey for a virus, and you need to understand why. As you do understand why and make the needed changes, you are being offered a wonderful learning and service opportunity. It does not take the majority of the population of Earth to bring forth this change.

One of the things I value about this upcoming retreat (a 1 week retreat many will attend) is the opportunity to raise consciousness. A group of us, up to 30 of us meditating together for a week, can make a difference. We will have guided meditations and be dedicating ourselves to this intention through the week, to awaken each one to the degree that each can. And also, to consecrate that awakening to bringing up a higher vibration in the world and saying no in a clear way to Covid-19 virus. Saying no to anything that would destroy this world and keep it from being the Eden that it has the potential to be.

This much is said by way of inspiration. Now let’s get into some instruction.

Those in the class, of course, are familiar with the teaching of the three kayas. Very briefly, for those not in the class. The word kaya means “body”. Dharmakaya is the ultimate body, awakened consciousness. It is the ultimate realm. Nirmanakaya is the form body, pertaining to the world of conditions, of everyday life. The bridge that spans Dharmakaya and nirmanakaya is sambhogakaya. The bridge has footings that go deep into the Dharmakaya, deep into the nirmanakaya, so serves as connection.

We’ve talked quite a bit in the class about staying on that sambhogakaya bridge, connected to the ultimate realm, to the awakened mind and heart, and also staying connected to everyday life. You have the capacity to do that. But most of you seem to dash from one side of the bridge to the other, spending a few seconds on the bridge and leaping off into the nirmanakaya, asking, “How can I fix this or that?” Or saying, “No, I can’t take any more of the mundane realm. I want this blissful, awakened mind. I just want to stay in that blissful space.”

Those in the class, you’ve been working with this for a month or two now. Later, in our discussion we’ll talk about what you are finding is most helpful to staying connected to both sides. Let’s talk now for a bit about what I see stops you from staying connected.

The pain in the world overwhelms you. Barbara had an email from the leader of Hal’s aphasia group, telling the group that one of the group members two brothers-in-law died this week of the virus, and the three 18 to 25 year old daughters were all sick. This is heartbreaking. I’m sure each of you knows similar cases. Probably each of you knows somebody who is sick with it, or even has died with it. Of course, you want to fix it, or you want to burrow in and avoid it—it’s overwhelming. It’s overwhelming to feel that vulnerable. If he can die and she can die, I can die.

Fear will not keep you safe. And hiding your head in a hole to avoid fear will not keep you safe. Love will help to keep you safe. No guarantee, but opening your heart with compassion to your own situation and the world situation, this raises your vibrational frequency and gives you more ability to say no to any virus or parasite of any sort that would feed off of you.

Barbara has been doing an experiment that past 2 weeks with the daffodils coming up in her garden. Some of them seem to be thriving and beautiful, and some of them, the leaves looked a bit brown, they looked a bit withered. So she’s just been meditating with them every day. Maybe half an hour of metta with all the plants in her garden, but sending special love to those with the brown and withered leaves. Today she notice that they are starting to turn greener, and that they have small flower buds on them. They are open to receiving the love. As I said at the beginning, the Earth has the ability to heal itself. Why those plants withered and others didn’t—who knows. But when you pay attention and offer loving wishes and energy, things can heal.

This is why prayer works. Why, when somebody is sick and we pray for the person who is sick, sometimes it’s helpful. We never know how much our prayer has contributed to healing. We do not pray, “Fix this person, fix this person!” We pray, “I offer you loving wishes for your own highest good. Whatever is for your highest good, this is what I wish for you. And I offer you love and energy, that you may help to manifest whatever is for your highest good.” We don’t know what’s for somebody’s highest good. Maybe they at some level know they need to move on; we don’t know that. All we can pray for and offer is the alleviation of suffering, offering energy from the heart; doing loving kindness and Tonglen meditation; speaking with compassion, whether it be about humans, animals, or plants—anything.

Your fear, your pain, your feelings of isolation and loneliness, feelings of helplessness, these can bring down your vibrational frequency. Then you either want to hide out in the Dharmakaya, to use your meditation practice to help you create some blissful experience and avoid the world, or you want to turn yourself to the world with a “Let’s fix it” kind of energy, instead of staying on the bridge and connected to both sides.

We’ve talked in the past months about the dark cave, the practice of sacred darkness. The practice of sacred darkness is not one of dwelling in the nirmanakaya or Dharmakaya but dwelling on the bridge. With sacred darkness, we’re aware of that which is terrifying in the darkness, but use the meditation practice to not get caught in the stories of fear. We are aware of the places of light, of radiance, of stillness, of joy, but are not clinging to those.

Each of you is truly entering sacred darkness in these times. Those without the benefit of the dharma don’t recognize it as sacred darkness, just darkness, and it brings up terror, lowering energy. Those with a practice are aware of your ability to rest in this darkness and to invite others into your circle; not to be cowed by the darkness; not to be reactive to the darkness; and yet, to be respectful of it.

What is this darkness? The heart of the darkness differs for each of you. For some, it’s grief. For some, it’s a sense of vulnerability and helplessness. This goes beyond fear. For some, it’s anger—in part, anger at the feeling of helplessness. For some, it’s loneliness and feelings of separation. For some, it’s a mix of many of these.

How do we sit in that dark cave peacefully and allow ourselves to truly connect with what is there, to not seek to avoid fear, loneliness, grief, or pain? Coming back to that beloved quote, “If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it.”

One of the hardest things for some of you is the belief that you must do it perfectly. You believe if you are sitting stably in that dark cave, openhearted, there would be no fear, no anger, no pain, no loneliness, but this isn’t so. If the conditions are present for these, they will arise. The issue is not to get locked into the stories, because such contraction around the stories is what lowers the vibration and pulls you out of connection with your own awakened heart, with the Dharmakaya. Then how can you rest on the bridge?

We do not want you racing back and forth but resting stably wherever on the bridge seems appropriate, so that you can reach both ways and truly connect this conditioned realm of suffering and the heavenly realms.

As long as you believe that you should not experience sadness or pain or anger, you lock out part of your experience, and then you cannot be genuine with your experience. Breathing in, I am aware of anger, or of rage. Breathing in, I am aware of terror. Breathing in, I am aware of grief. I am aware of feeling vulnerable and feeling helpless. I am aware of confusion. I hold space for whatever has come. And I will look it in the eye and be present with it. Hello, terror. Hello, rage. Hello, feelings of vulnerability. I know you. You have arisen from conditions. My reactivity to you, my self-identification with you is what locks you in place. I will know you for what you are, and that I am part of the conditions that have given rise to you. I will sit you by my fire and serve you tea, and tell you, “Shh! You may not talk, sitting here in the dark cave with me.” But I will serve you tea, and hold space for you, and when you are ready, you may go. Meanwhile, I will know you for what you are.

In fact, let’s change that a bit. You may talk if you need to. Terror, you may talk. Anger, you may talk. And I will listen with a compassionate heart, rather than a fearful heart. I will find the power in myself to listen with compassion until you have had your say.

You’ve probably all had the experience of having somebody who’s very angry come to you and pour out their anger. As long as you don’t say to them, “No, no anger here,” or “That’s enough,” but you just listen, listening with a compassionate heart changes everything. If they say “it’s your fault,” then “No, you can’t blame me, but I’ll sit here and listen to your anger. I’ll listen to your grief.”

Sitting in that dark cave, the work is to listen to your own anger, grief, loneliness, feelings of helplessness or unworthiness or shame; just to listen without getting caught in the stories. The one who listens is the awakened heart, is the awakened human. Shifting into wise and compassionate essence of your being changes everything. Once more, “If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it.”

Are you willing to come into the dark cave with me and sit there? I promise you I will be with you, holding your hands, and your own guidance will be with you. The Mother, Yeshua, and so many others will be with you. Love, who has spoken to you several times, will be with you. But you are the essential link, this humaneness, because you are part of the chain of humans that have created the conditions out of which this virus can thrive. And you, therefore, are the essential link to say no to the virus.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world, at a given time, every sentient being on Earth could sit down for 5 minutes and just say to this virus, “No. We wish you well, but you may not destroy us. You must go elsewhere,” could say it with true compassion? Wouldn’t this be amazing?

Meanwhile, of course wash your hands! Avoid groups of people. Do what is needed. But this is a temporary solution. This virus has taken root now on Earth. Eventually, yes, they will have an inoculation against it, and then perhaps it will mutate and we’ll go through this again. As I and many of my other Brothers and Sisters of Light see it, you are the ones in charge right now of healing the world, not only of the virus but of the terrible pain of pollution, of destruction, environmental destruction, species destruction, of hatred and warfare—you.

If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. Consecrate your practice to this, to doing everything in your power to heal the world; to heal the suffering in the world through bringing forth love to all arisen, destructive conditions. Awaken strong, compassion love that can say no to destruction. Sit in your dark cave and find your power. Each of you has the capacity to do this.

There’s a lot more I could say, but perhaps this is enough for now. I know that on Easter Sunday Yeshua is going to speak. Yeshua intends to talk more about this in a similar but different way. His theme is that this virus is in some ways your crucifixion initiation. What does the resurrection look like, and how do you co-create this resurrection? Resurrection not only from the virus, but of this whole world coming back to what it’s meant to be, with your co-creation from the middle of the bridge.

I’m going to give the body back to Barbara, leave us with a break… I love you all. Thank you for hearing me. I do recognize your fear and your pain. I wish I could come and give each of you a big hug. No bumping elbows—I want to hug you! I love you! Please feel the power of my love surrounding you, and so many Brothers and Sisters of Light, and your own guidance, of course. Know how much you are loved and supported.


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