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The Awakening of a Sangha – An Invitation to help Co-Create the Book

The Awakening of a Sangha – An Invitation to help Co-Create the Book

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  • January 16
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 17
  • May 15

Times: Monday, 7:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern. The link to Zoom, to be used for all sessions is emailed the day before the first session.

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Suggested donation: $75-$250
No one will be excluded for financial reasons. Contact om@deepspring.org to make arrangements.


Deep Spring Center
The Awakening of a Sangha
An Invitation to help Co-Create the Book

Discussion and organizing to create a book representing the teachings of Aaron and Deep Spring Center will begin in the winter/spring semester of 2023.

This endeavor derives from the natural progression of Celeste Zygmont’s class Applying Vipassana in Daily Life and Seeing Its Progression Along the Path. The class document for that class expanded by necessity to explain the focus of Vipassana along the path to awakening. Many more teachings were being included in the document to widen the scope of understanding and broaden the skill of the practitioner. So the idea to create a book explaining the fullness of Deep Spring Center’s teachings was born.

Aaron’s teachings at Deep Spring Center do not exist isolated on their own; they are the living, guiding Dharma within each of us. As we grow in the Dharma, so the Light grows within each of us, and our service to the planet expands with the higher vibration we engender. This book is an expression of that growing Light and thus will reflect the contribution that the Sangha is able to add to it.

You are invited to participate in various ways. A most significant way is by encapsulating in writing how specific teachings have given you insight and greater skill and also have helped you to connect with the heart.

Other ways to participate are to contact those who could contribute about the various activities within Deep Spring Center which add to the fullness of this Center. For instance, the influence of the Mother’s work to help us remember our wholeness. There is also the work of the mediums and mediumship. We have a variety of guided meditations. And there are specific teachings which need explanation, such as the states and stages of consciousness, the 16 Knowledges, the cycle of dependent origination, the cetasikas, the 6 senses and their consciousness, habitual karmic patterns, the 5 aggregates of self, the elements, the chakras, the wisdom of the work with Sacred Darkness, nondual understanding, the benefit of combining the pure awareness practice with vipassana, access concentration, the Seven Branch Prayer, the four immeasurables, the Brahma Vihara’s and other heart opening support for the path. Then there are the retreats that Deep Spring Center holds, and chanting, online meditation, and the healing and ever-healed workshops, which are all relevant things to include. And don’t forget the Earth’s history and its move into fourth density, and Deep Spring Center’s own history.

There will need to be proofreaders, those who can work on proper referencing, the creation of a thorough glossary and a contents page, and possibly an index. The final title can be established by the end. There will be discussion of whether it will be a digital work only or also a printed book. Other issues like that will need to be decided and acted upon.

Work will continue into subsequent semesters until our co-creation is complete.


Celeste Zygmont

About the teacher


Contact Celeste Zygmont at celestezygmont2@yahoo.com with any questions.


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Dharma Path

Date and time

May 15 @ 7:30 pm9:00 pm EDT


Online via Zoom



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Deep Spring Center teachers offer their time on a dana basis, joyfully sharing the teachings. Your free-will offerings to them are greatly appreciated, as they receive no compensation from Deep Spring Center. Offer dana to Deep Spring Center teachers.

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