Healing and the ever-perfect Workshop
Workshop held at Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth and Online

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Eastern-US)
Doors open at 4:30
Please be seated and ready to start promptly at 5 – same for those online
Where: 704 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Cost: Local – $35
           Online – sliding scale – $20-$80

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Barbara Brodsky – Barbara Brodsky has been practicing meditation since 1960. She has dual roots in the Buddhist and Quaker traditions and her teaching reflects this balance. Barbara teaches insight or vipassana meditation and practices derived from the dzogchen (non-dual awareness) traditions to people of all faiths, traveling throughout the world. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1989, Barbara founded Deep Spring Center.
More about Barbara Brodsky.

Dr. Tavis Taylor, MD – Dr. Taylor has enjoyed 23 years of intense Internal Medicine practice in a variety of settings. He has provided care in very rural sites where he was the only doctor in Alaska, Hawaii, migrant clinic California, tribal clinics in WA and Oklahoma. He spent 7 years with the Pima Tohono O’odham tribe outside of Phoenix, AZ in the 1990s, leaving there in 1999 as their CMO (chief medical officer) and member of the governing board to return to his home town, Bremerton, WA. Here, he was with Kitsap Internal Medicine until 2008 when he decided to open the solo practice.

Dr Taylor has been a single parent raising his two children in Kitsap County, WA, and enjoys his extended family and community there. Now that his children are going off to college and other pursuits, he can indulge in a more flexible schedule to include travel and assisting under-served communities at tribal/Indian Health Service sites and VA clinics.

He has also deepened his own investigations and practice in non-traditional healing, including shamanic studies and  learning at John of God’s Casa de Dom Inaçio.

Education: MIT undergrad; UW school of Medicine MD; UW Internal Medicine Residency program.

Affiliations: Faculty Clinical Instructor University of Washington School of Medicine; AAIP: Assoc. of American Indian physicians; ABIM: American board of internal medicine; WPATH: world professional association of transgender health; Bremerton Elks; Board member Q Youth Resources, Bremerton; Board member Deep Spring Center, Ann Arbor, MI.





A co-creation of human and spirit led by:

Barbara Brodsky, Founder and Guiding Teacher of Deep Spring Center.

Dr. Tavis Taylor, an experienced MD in Internal Medicine, who is one of our DSC Board members and visiting from his home near Seattle.

Channeled by Barbara Brodsky: Aaron and probably Jeshua,
Father John (a spirit doctor who incorporates through Barbara) and other entities.

The idea for this grew while Barbara and Tavis were at the Casa with their group. We were discussing healing-related questions. These are just a few topics that held our interest:

  • How do we heal?
  • What is healing?
  • What best supports the co-creation of the fullest healing?
  • We are already perfect at the ultimate level but the body does experience distortion.
  • How can we come to embrace both, and understand that inclusiveness as part of the path to healing?
  • Why do some people seem to heal and others not as much?
  • Questions on distortion and innate perfection came up, and about the simultaneity of relative and ultimate. What is the nature of distortion, physical or emotional?

Our plan:

  • Barbara and Tavis will open the workshop, each speaking for about 15 minutes on their own understandings of the nature of distortion and healing.
  • Then spirit will incorporate. Tavis will serve as both human medical expert and shaman/ energy medicine practitioner, and as facilitator, speaking from his own understanding. He will ask questions of the entities, and field questions from the live and on-line audience.
  • Father John has indicated an interest to dialogue with Tavis and understand more about our reasoning from the human perspective, how a doctor might work with certain distortions, and how we transcend old ideas of limits.
  • Jeshua has a similar interest, more in exploring releasing limiting beliefs.
We will just get started and then let spirit run the show! We hope you can join us.

We have scheduled the time in this way to try to make it possible for west-coast friends to join is. There will be one or several breaks. Those attending live may bring snacks or even a light meal to eat out in the social hall. No food in the sanctuary. At the close, we will have light refreshments and time to socialize.

Testimonials from the last workshop on April 25:

The workshop was powerful and inspiring. I’m so grateful to have access to this deep learning through Barbara and the Deep Spring Community! – Grace K.

Since the workshop, I found that my heart is more open towards my fellow human beings and I am more patient, understanding and loving. I am most grateful for the purification and look forward to connecting again soon. – Mimi M.

The teachings, practice opportunities and darshan I get through Deep Spring Center assist my path in exponential ways. I can’t believe I have access to the clarity, wisdom and lovingkindness which come from DSC. Thank you to all those who make the work of DSC possible. – Celeste Z.




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