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Aaron* – channeled through Barbara Brodsky

The printed version of this book is Presence Kindness and Freedom.

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Christmas Stories, A Collection of Memories from Aaron* –  channeled through Barbara Brodsky

Aaron’s inspiring memories from the past life in which he was a “simple shepherd” who knew and loved that teacher we call Jesus. Each year at Christmas Aaron has shared memories with us as “teaching stories.”

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Human – by Aaron*

Aaron’s most poetic book, the most simple and the most profound. This book is different than any of the others in that it didn’t come through sessions in which Aaron spoke to a group. Rather, he dictated it to Barbara, at various times over the past few summers while at the cabin on the wonderful tree house deck. From one summer to the next even, he would simply start again as if only an hour had passed. It was a very joyful experience for Barbara. Human is a joyful experience to read!

Excerpt from Human: My Friend you are human and yet you are also spirit. To be Spirit is to rest in the core of being that is birthless and deathless. To be human is to contemplate the cessation of your conscious existence. … Yet, to be human and to be spirit are not at all incompatible, for you are not incarnate to abolish fear and its expressions but to learn to draw them into the heart of love.

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No Chain at All – by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky

This book grew out of the weekly advanced class with Aaron. It’s very much the heart of what he’s been teaching. While you can just read through it, the book is really a workbook which invites your participation.

Aaron: I find the expression of this law of dependent origination to be one of Buddhism’s most valuable contributions to the planet. It is called “The Chain of Becoming.” Teachings speak of the way we have each become caught in this chain, moving blindly from one incarnation to another, never able to find freedom from suffering. This is real, on one plane. Yet on another level, there is no chain at all, nor has there ever been. You are free. You have always been free. In the coming months we will explore these truths and come to see that they are not contradictory …

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The Awakened Heart – Barbara Brodsky and Aaron*

Approximately 1300 years ago, the Buddhist Indian monk/poet, Shantideva, wrote The Way of the Bodhisattva, elucidating an important part of the Buddhist path. The Awakened Heart is not commentary on the poem, but uses it as background.

In Aaron’s words: For many years you have heard me talk about making space for the heavy emotions. A primary emphasis of my teaching has been that it is not bad to feel emotions, that when certain conditions are present, certain emotions will arise. … I teach people to make more space around the emotion. … If you don’t want those emotions to arise you must begin to look deeply at the conditions out of which they arise, primarily the conditions of fear, of the illusion of separation-separation from other beings and separation from the divine. … Through a series of practices and exercises, one could more deeply open to that highest aspect of the self which does not choose to invite in the conditions which give rise to such painful emotion. This is not a “getting rid of” anything, rather we note that side by side there is the tense and frightened human and there is the innately loving, open-hearted human. You have a choice: you can enact your fear or you can choose to note your fear, to observe that the loving Awakened Heart is always present, to nurture it and to enact that loving heart. You always have a choice.

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The Path of Natural Light: Part One by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky

online version: Part 1
PDF: Part 1

The Path of Natural Light: Part Two by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky

online version: Part 2
PDF: Part 2

These are complete transcripts of the 1993-1994 Wednesday night classes on relative versus ultimate reality, and light/energy work. From the book: I see our work then as finding that balance between relative and ultimate-the horizontal plane of healing and the vertical plane of knowing there was never anybody that needed to heal. With wisdom and pure awareness, that sense of self dissolves … the whole notion of fragmentation was an illusion, but it is the illusion of the relative reality, and the suffering within that illusion must be attended. The human manifestation needs healing … In past months we have been discussing the light body, the perfect, unwrinkled sheet of paper, the illusory wrinkles and how the physical, emotional and mental bodies reflect those wrinkles … We move ahead with this caution: what I teach is not escape from your humanness, but deeper embracing of that humanness, wrinkles and all … again, I remind you, you are not getting rid of. There was nothing there to get rid of. Rather, you are freeing yourself of the delusion that there was something that needed to be gotten rid of.

Seven Days: A Journey Into Awareness, Days One to Three (Part One) by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron*

There have been many requests for a book from Aaron about meditation. This book offers in-depth material on meditation practice with specific “how-to” instruction. In November 1996, Barbara and Aaron offered a three day workshop/retreat in Mexico City. In April 1997 they returned to lead a four day silent residential meditation retreat. This book contains the transcripts of all of the talks and instruction, offered by both Aaron and Barbara, of those seven days. The first days deal more with spiritual inquiry and basic instruction in vipassana or insight meditation. There is a progressive deepening of instruction. There is also considerable discussion of working with heavy emotions and the various painful catalysts of our lives, with specific instruction offered for meditation with heavy mind states, resistance, restlessness, physical pain and other difficult states of mind and body.

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*Aaron is a discarnate spirit that speaks through Barbara Brodsky